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The World Breaking Classic has selected Plus Seven Company as its 2022 United States event production partner, granting P7c the exclusive rights to host the 2022 WBC USA Open World Qualifier. The announcement coincides with the unveiling of WBC’s global rebrand as well as its return next year to hosting live events.

The ’22 USA Open World Qualifier is the only WBC-approved breaking event slated for the United States and North America. The event will welcome competitors and attendees from inside and outside of the United States including some of the world’s best B-Boys, B-Girls and breaking influencers. The winning duo will automatically advance to the 2022 WBC World Final next July in Eindhoven, Netherlands, where the WBC is located.

‘We are honored and thrilled to have World Breaking Classic back in the United States,” says Paul van Dali, co-founder of World Breaking Classic. “It’s been years but with such a loyal WBC community online it’s amazing to work with Plus Seven Company in giving the breaking community a chance to qualify for the World Final with an event in the U.S. Working with a dedicated mindset, we’re sure that Plus Seven Company will do justice in bringing WBC back on U.S. grounds.”

Since the first WBC World Final in 2009, WBC  (formerly World Bboy Classic) has worked to keep the breaking vibe as it first started as athletic street dancing on corners and block parties in the 1970s Bronx. The sport has ascended the global landscape, setting the stage for breaking’s Olympics debut at the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.

The date and location of the 2022 WBC USA Open World Qualifier will be announced next year as part of Plus Seven Company’s national site selection process. Among other activations, the event program will feature a showcase round before a top-16 session is broadcast live across WBCs global digital channels. Moreover, the USA Open is one of only three WBC World qualifiers in 2022 with other qualifying events planned for eastern Europe and southeast Asia.

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