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In the round-up: George Russell says Kimi Raikkonen’s longevity in Formula 1 shows “age is just a number.”

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Russell: Raikkonen’s career “incredible” in “relentless” Formula 1

Russell said it is “pretty incredible” what Kimi Raikkonen, the sport’s most experienced driver ever, has achieved. “Being here for so long and still, this year, performing at such a high level – Kimi and Alfa Romeo are our main rivals, so we keep a very close eye – and I guess as we say, age is just a number.”

The Williams driver completed his third year in F1 in 2021. “The time is flying,” he reflected. “This sport is so relentless, and you’re going race after race, after race. Sometimes you don’t get a moment to take it all in.”

Mercedes missed “clever” trick to clinch title for Hamilton

Mercedes could have ensured Lewis Hamilton won the championship in Abu Dhabi despite the controversial late restart to the race, said the sport’s former CEO Bernie Ecclestone.

It was put to him in an interview for Blick that when the safety car was summoned in for a final-lap restart Mercedes would have been tactically well-placed to order Bottas to stop on track in order to extend the race could not go green, preventing Max Verstappen from overtaking Hamilton to clinch the championship.

Such a move would have been “pretty clever”, said Ecclestone. “There would have been some ideal places [to ensure] the safety car stayed out. Many would have been upset, but nobody would have had the current finale in the back of their minds without restarting the race.”

Filippi: Younger generation finding racing via climate change

Envision Racing team principal Sylvain Filippi said that Formula E attracts a younger audience via climate awareness, who then follow the thread into racing.

“Formula 1 is so successful, as we know, be. Icause of the history and legacy in the news stories in the past and in the eighties and nineties, and if you are young kid now, you haven’t been exposed to any of that, it doesn’t really mean anything to you.

“So for sure, we see that the younger generation, the more they are in tune with climate change – because they would be the first affected, right – and they really understand it. So of course there’s a full segment of the younger generation that’s following Formula E and our team because all the things we are doing for climate change.

“There is also a whole portion of our fan base, which is the other way around, they are motorsport fans, Formula E’s a great motorsport too, we know the racing is amazing and hopefully we hope that by following our team, they get exposed to some information about climate change and it educates them. So I think, if you can do both, then you should be able to reach most people.”

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