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Producer Romieikon tastefully explores the subject of intercourse on his newest mission, the Channel 28 rhythm.

He mentioned, “As an adult, I realised the conversations surrounding sex in our culture are still sort of taboo. I wanted the songs on the rhythm to speak to how to make love to a woman, pleasing, or catering to a woman in a respectful manner.” In response to Romieikon, the juggling rhythm options Deeclef, Devin Di Dakta, Xx3eme, Kacique, Knaxx and Jae Prynse and takes a unique strategy to intercourse. Romieikon recollects that as a baby, he was uncovered to pornography and infrequently questioned what the ‘noise’ was for.

“I discovered the ‘blue movie’ channel in the daytime; that was channel 28 and it was forbidden,” mentioned Romieikon, whose given title is Romario English. “The images were scrambled but I could hear sound here and there. I also wondered why it [the channel] had a password, and being the curious youth I was, I waited until midnight to see if there was more I could find out. I found it strange the noises that were being made.”


Romieikon recalled scuffling to vary the channel and switch off the tv one evening when his mom obtained up for her routine go to to the lavatory. The noises have been a simple giveaway, he mentioned, and “were sometimes disturbing”.

“I believe wholeheartedly in the concept of nature vs nurture and that children are reflections of their upbringing,” he mentioned, noting that if he was capable of view the pornographic content material, it might have most likely impacted him in different methods. Nevertheless, it’s the inspiration behind his newest manufacturing.

Romieikon is behind Spice’s 2020 hit Rolling, which has garnered over 5 million digital streams, and likewise the Zinc Fence rhythm (2021). Wanting to vary the worldwide perspective that dancehall is aggressive and express when it speaks of intercourse, the producer and dancehall influencer mentioned that he merged modern reggae, R&B and dancehall and the recording artistes have been requested to ship in a method their followers weren’t accustomed to. The legendary New York sound system King Addies did certainly one of its signature rhythm mixes for the manufacturing.

“Their recordings are more controlled and not as X-rated [so] I’m looking forward to breaking musical barriers with this production because it definitely packs the components necessary to cross over. I am excited to be positively contributing to my industry and Channel 28 is here to set the tone for many great projects to come,” Romieikon mentioned.

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