Queen Nikki says ‘No skin out’ on new EP – Believes times call for something different | Entertainment

Queen Nikki is readying herself for the combined views her debut EP will set off.

Having constructed her profession on being daring, uncooked and uncut on stage, the dancer-turned-artiste mentioned that she is aware of there are expectations that the tracks will symbolize that facet of dancehall.

“But there are some who, when they got the preview, were supportive. They haven’t heard me sing certain types of songs and are immediately impressed,” Queen Nikki instructed THE STAR. “What I am bringing to the table is still dancehall, but no ‘skin out’ for this EP. There’s a lot of that, and it doesn’t mean I won’t do more sexy songs, but these times call for something different. At the end of the day, I have always had fans that don’t like the ‘skin out’-type of entertainment, and others that do.”

The five-track manufacturing, titled Struggles and Ache, is spearheaded by Boysie Data and iClips Data. It speaks about Queen Nikki’s troublesome childhood and all songs focus instantly on her development.


“It’s my life, past, present and future; things I go through and how I overcome them,” she mentioned. “We talking life, with five of us, me, my mom and my sisters, living in a small board house that leaked when it rained and not having light, using torch when we could. I have a song that shares our experience with severe financial strain.”

The Nuh Canine Ears singjay shared that two tracks are devoted to her mom. And though she considered together with a tribute to her father, who handed away final August, she is reserving it for a undertaking later this yr.

Work began on the Struggles and Ache EP in late February and it’s scheduled for launch this month. Referring to the profession of Girl Noticed, Queen Nikki expressed that she strives to make an affect together with her sensuous lyrics, but in addition desires to be a frontrunner.

“Once me tell my mind I’m going to something, I do it. I’m a determined person. Nuff people never know before dancing [that] I was an artiste first, who went by the name Miss Attitude, and I always knew I’d return to my passion,” she mentioned. Queen Nikki mentioned that she is anxious, however not nervous, for individuals to obtain her music.

“I already see where I’ve made my mom proud of me. A lot of persons wonder how and why me do it. But as a mother, when you look at your children and look back at your own past, you know it’s important to do what you need to,” Queen Nikki continued.

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