Plane draws ‘make beer not war’ with flight path in skies over Poland

A light-weight plane in Poland has drawn the phrases “make beer not war” utilizing its flight path.

Taking off from the town of Poznan in west-central Poland, the two-seater airplane initially turned to the west earlier than starting to hint the phrases.

Over the course of just about 4 hours, the plane meticulously accomplished the 40-mile-wide phrase, earlier than touchdown again in Poznan on Saturday night.

The 40-mile-wide 'make beer not war' was traced in the skies over Poland (
The plane, a Tecnam P2008, spent nearly 4 hours within the air tracing the phrases (

Hundreds of customers have been lively on to trace the flight, which comes at a time of heightened stress throughout Europe, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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