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Final yr, dancehall entertainer Jae Prynse inked a publishing cope with British unbiased label Defenders Entertainment, which helped him to fulfil one among his entrepreneurial goals.

“I was always drawn to the transportation of goods and people and also wanted to be a provider of haulage services when I was younger. Other artistes may go splurging but I had the dream before, and so I spent my first big dollar to invest in the business of transportation. I purchased a box truck to kick-start that dream,” he instructed THE STAR.

Jae Prynse revealed that he bought a number of automobiles in Jamaica to start out, however, having relocated to the US, it grew to become arduous to handle the enterprise from a distance, and issues by no means labored out.

“But, since November 2021, my wife and I started Jamerican Teleports LLC and we do haulage across American states and Canada. It’s still very new to us, but we are learning to become great in this field,” he mentioned. The Broke Life Lifeless artiste has additionally established his personal report label, JPMG, which he believes was “the one key element missing” to sustaining a excessive degree of consistency and high quality in his music.

He mentioned: “It’s my own label, my own movement, my own settings. So, everything I do now revolves around what I do. Not me waiting on this and that person to make a move. I have the abilities to be consistent because consistency is what I was lacking. With everything set up round myself, I know I can be successful in this thing. It is important to establish your own label because it gives one insight on what the business requires as it relates to breaking an artiste and keeping the artiste going.”

Named as one of many fast-rising acts to obtain a breakthrough in 2021, Jae Prynse says he owes his success to the creativity demonstrated in singles like Who Feels It Is aware of It (2015), Strive More durable (2017) and Faker To A Buddy (2018), which allowed him to connect with listeners of dancehall music who grew to become a part of his core fan base. He expressed the view that the dancehall tradition in California, the place he presently resides, is comparable, and he has acquired large assist. His newest single, Uncooked Trip, which is produced by Romieikon, has helped to solidify that he has a spot on the native and worldwide scenes.

“Jamaicans should be delighted when they hear our young artistes wanting to explore other genres and countries, mainly because it takes the artistes’ career and brand to another level and, whichever music or wherever the artistes are, they will always be seen and recognised as Jamaican. Raw Vacation is that … and shows a side of me [that] people have not seen yet,” he mentioned.

“Going somewhere else is about expanding what you have started from Day One. Keeping the Jamaican fans is keeping to your roots. Experiment, but remember where the root is,” Jae Prynse continued.

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