In Conversation With Nana Gecaga on Recovering from Alcoholism, Charity

Nana Gecaga, the CEO of the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, spoke to ‘Achieving Woman’ after she turned 44 final month.

Your celebrated your birthday lately; comfortable birthday.

Thanks, it was on Thursday, March 17.

Usually, we might see a lavish celebration. Can we anticipate that this time?

No. With the pandemic, I’ve been delicate to that. The nation simply opened up and we’ve to maintain that at the back of our minds. In the final three years, I’ve not had a celebration; that’s since I launched my basis. I’ll have an enormous social gathering after I flip 45. Every little thing between that’s about giving again.

Giving again… How?

Many individuals like to supply me items. I don’t thoughts that. Nonetheless, much more individuals can profit (from the items). I’m giving extra alternatives for individuals to expertise that. Keep in mind on my fortieth birthday we have been giving Tanzanite earrings, golden bracelets and such. We did 40 items then. We’re doing a little bit bit one thing like that; say clear your college payments or your hospital payments.

The fortieth was massive and we recollect it as the largest celebration of the yr then (2018). What do you recollect it for?

I believe it was the largest however to be trustworthy, I used to have sensational events due to the place I used to be again within the day. The Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) gave me a distinct platform. After all, additionally it is about being delicate to the household the place I come from and the place I’m in; all of the limelight and scrutiny. However, it’s good to have a good time your self and be happy with your self.

What would you inform somebody who want to present you a drink, now that you don’t take alcohol anymore?

Sadly, I don’t endorse alcohol as a result of I’m a recovering alcoholic. It doesn’t nevertheless imply, “Oh my God!”  As a result of it’s massive enterprise and a lifestyle, I simply would provide you with that membership expertise versus handing over bottles as a result of I have no idea what it may result in as a recovering alcoholic. I don’t wish to change anybody’s life for the more severe.

What has been your primary takeaway in your restoration journey?

Even with the muse, one of many key issues that I wish to do is ready up rehabilitation centres. It modified my life enormously. I’d not be the particular person I’m immediately if I had not gone by rehab. As an alcoholic, you may have only a few choices. It’s both you reform, stay alcoholic or die. I’ve to say I’m grateful that it did work out. Having mentioned that, I want to do extra shifting into that house.

As CEO of the KICC, how did the pandemic have an effect on enterprise?

As soon as the pandemic hit, one factor that occurred was social distancing. After all, our primary enterprise is social gatherings. Sarcastically sufficient, after I got here to KICC seven years in the past, I held a gathering with my crew and I mentioned “what happens if we do not have one event here at KICC?” We have been in a position to ensure everybody paid their hire and clearly, we bought affected (by the pandemic). It was the primary time we bought cash from the exchequer.

Many individuals hear of KICC and assume many issues concerning the place… 

I believe initially it’s a assembly spot, for a few years, about 48 now. Earlier than the appearance of cell phones, it was like a reference; say route, a gathering level within the metropolis. It’s a platform for artistes and a significant venue for worldwide conferences. It’s now a spot the place individuals have a better assembly house and a most popular vacation spot for incentives journey.

How a lot cash does KICC generate on an annual foundation?

We make properly over Sh2 billion. I dream that we will be capable to do far more. I’m a marketer; I used to like the Tremendous Bowl after I was in America and it was not due to the soccer, however due to the adverts in-between. I’d sit and critique them. I’m an ‘ad watcher’ and that speaks to turning issues round.

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