Citizenship under threat: read the New Statesman’s coverage of the Nationality and Borders Bill

On 1 December this year, the New Statesman reported that the citizenship of nearly six million British people could be jeopardised by the Nationality and Borders Bill. The new law would give Home Secretary Priti Patel unprecedented powers to deprive people of British citizenship without notifying them.

Since we first reported these figures, more than 300,000 people have signed a petition against Clause 9 of the bill, which includes the most controversial changes.

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The figures: census data reveals scale of citizenship risk

Ben van der Merwe’s report shows the number of people living in the UK whose citizenship could be revoked without warning if Clause 9 were to be introduced, and finds that the risk is disproportionately focused on people from ethnic minorities.

Does the Nationality and Borders Bill affect you?

Whose citizenship rights could be affected, and on what grounds?

Deprivations and appeals are on the rise

In another exclusive report, Freddie Hayward finds that not only is the Home Office depriving more people of their citizenship, but that appeals against this process have also risen steeply.

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