Build Back Better: Pelosi Sends Moderate Democrats to the Slaughter

The speaker appears determined to proceed to a vote on the ‘Build Back Better’ agenda, putting moderate House Democrats in grave political danger.


he Associated Press reports that, unchastised by Tuesday night’s rout, Nancy Pelosi plans to ready the House of Representatives for a “debate and vote on a revised draft of President Joe Biden’s now-$1.85 trillion domestic policy package.” The decision, the AP suggests, is intended to “show voters the party can deliver on its priorities.”

That’s one way of putting it, certainly. Another might be: Nancy Pelosi hopes to appease the progressive wing of her caucus by sending her most vulnerable members unarmed into the Somme.

Substantively, what Pelosi is proposing is bonkers. For a start, there is no “Build Back Better” bill.

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