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Being a mom could make you strategy every day of your life with an much more grateful coronary heart. Aida Davis, a monetary advisor at Guardian Life Restricted, says seeing her kids develop and being there for his or her journey is essentially the most lovely section of a lady’s life, as a mom.

“My children are special in their own way. My daughter has matured into a wonderful young lady who is focused on her goals and helps a lot around the house. My first son is an acclaimed footballer, who has won many awards, and has travelled to play overseas for his club, Ballaz Academy, and his school, Emmanuel Christian Academy,” Davis mentioned.

“My little son amazes me every day with his questions and outgoing personality. He is a true leader, and I am confident that we will have many great memories together,” she added.


Anybody could be a mom, however it takes somebody particular, who all the time makes her kids her precedence. When a lady will get pregnant every thing modifications. Her hormones, appears to be like and determine, cravings, and most of all her way of life.

“As a young girl, I can remember watching my mom raise six children. I knew I wanted to emulate her. She was a hard worker who always did her best to provide for us as children with the little resources she had. Her love for us was evident and this is what has set the tone for me today as a mother to my children. My mom passed suddenly last year and so I aim to try and be half the person she was as a mom,” Davis mentioned.

It isn’t a bit of cake caring for and consuming for 2 inside 9 months, however the thrilling half is, each time you are feeling your child’s heartbeat and kicks you can not assist however smile and thank God for His belief in you to have slightly angel.

When she discovered that she was going to turn into a mother, she was overjoyed. After realising she was pregnant with a woman, she cried tears of pleasure and was ecstatic, that she would realise her lifelong dream of strolling in her mom’s footsteps.

“Nothing else can produce the joy that motherhood allows. It is a huge responsibility to raise children in this world with all the issues and challenges. However, my goal is to raise children who become adults with purpose. I couldn’t imagine going through life without feeling this spectrum of emotions. There is no me without them,” Davis mentioned.

Davis grew up in Kingston and began working in customer support, and later as a flight attendant with then Air Jamaica. After leaving Air Jamaica, she wished to work in a profession that helped folks and located her ardour being a monetary advisor with the Guardian Group. She has been with the corporate for 12 years and is at the moment considered one of its prime advisors.

An authorized monetary analyst, Davis additionally has an Affiliate Diploma in Advertising from the College Faculty of the Caribbean (UCC). Along with her demanding profession and different obligations, Davis has been in a position to stability her life as a spouse and mom to 3 lovely kids.

“Grace is knowing that God is always in the midst and in control. Family is a very important part of my life and whilst dealing with a demanding career, my husband and I are blessed to work as a team so it makes it somewhat manageable,” Davis mentioned.

“I always find time to unwind if it means taking myself to lunch, connecting with a girlfriend or sister, and also something that gives me great joy is helping others with their needs,” she added.

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